Hydesville Memorial Park

FoxHouseThe FOX PROPERTY PROJECT started in 1998 when the property was acquired by the National Spiritualist Association of Churches. A memorial park was designed for Spiritualists Worldwide.

You may read about the complete history of the Fox Property and the Fox family here.

Since that time, the property was cleared, seeded with new grass, the foundation of the Fox Cottage was exposed, a covering placed over it, and the first phase of the park was completed. See all of this and more for yourself by purchasing a DVD slide show of the development of the park. You won’t be alone when you watch it. Spirit is present on some of the pictures.

You can own a copy of the DVD by filling out the attached order form and sending it to NSAC Headquarters
13 Cottage Row, PO Box 217
Lily Dale, NY 14752

Hydesville Park Postcards

Share this experience with friends on Postcards made exclusively for the Fox Property Project. All proceeds from the sale of the DVD and Postcards will be used to continue to fund the project. There is still time to purchase a paver or a bench to be placed on the property. Click here for a form to purchase a paver or contact us the NSAC office.


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Appeal from the Chairperson

To those interested in preserving a part of Our American Heritage:

As Americans, we enjoy many freedoms. This country was built on those freedoms. One of those freedoms most important to all of us, is the freedom of Religious Pursuit. There are many Religions that started in America. Books have been written and classes taught in our schools of higher learning on the Religions of America. One of those Religions is Spiritualism.

Spiritualism began in a small Hamlet in Hydesville, New York in the year 1848. It became a major part of the Heritage of America in it’s beginnings. A Religion based fully on the continuity of life, giving proof that “there is no death.” The Religion spread rapidly across the country. Many top leaders in the country embraced the Spiritualist Belief. Learn more about this amazing part of American History by visiting the Fox Property History or the many other web sites available on the topic.

The National Spiritualist Association of Churches, the oldest and largest Spiritualist Organization in the US, has become the owners of the property known as the “Fox Property,” so named after the family that gave Spiritualism it’s roots. The property is located in Newark, New York on Hydesville Road.

The NSAC is in the process of converting the property into a beautiful Memorial Park, to the memory of Spiritualism, but also for the use of the general public. We are soliciting donations to assist in the development of the park. Won’t you help preserve this part of our American Heritage?

There are many places you may make your tax-deductible donation to the project count. Pavers and benches are being sold; donations may be made to build the covering over the foundation, maintain the property, or merely to feel good about preserving our heritage. Your donation can be received at NSAC by check, money order, visa or master card in US Funds.

Click here to access a printable donation form.

Rev. Cosie L. Allen, NST
Hydesville Project Chairman

Supporting Hydesville Memorial Park

We are excited to announce that there are now two great ways to support the Hydesville Memorial Park!  You can donate to the day-to-day Fox Cottage Maintenance Fund, which is a cash-in-cash out fund and supports year-round projects like repairs and general upkeep as any structure and park would need, or the Hydesville Memorial Park Endowment Fund.

The newly reestablished Hydesville Memorial Park Endowment Fund is made possible by a generous matching challenge grant by long-time NSAC member Alice L. Robertson.  For every dollar donated, Alice will match that donation, dollar for dollar, in honor of Hydesville and the year that Modern American Spiritualism began, up to $18,480!  But this challenge must be met by NSAC no later than midnight on December 31, 2021. Please help us meet the challenge and accept every dollar of this amazing offer!

How is an endowment fund different?

The goal of any endowment fund is to only use a percentage earned from invested funds. With this reestablished endowment fund, operating dollars for Hydesville will be available forever. As this fund grows, eventually the separate maintenance fund will no longer be necessary.  Please click on this link and consider a donation to one of these funds or both! You can make a one-time donation or chose to make a certain amount monthly, to make a bigger gift over time.