NSAC has many of its forms available for downloading on the Forms page of its web site. Most forms are available as PDF files. To open and print these forms, users must have the free Adobe Reader software available on most computers.  If you do not have the reader, you can download for free at: http://get.adobe.com/reader

New PDF Fill-In Forms

Some NSAC forms now are available also in PDF fill-in format. After downloading, these forms can be filled out, revised, saved, and printed from your computer. File names of fill-in forms will have ‘fi’ as part of the name, just before “.pdf”. These require Version 8 or higher of the Adobe PDF Reader.

To determine which version of Adobe Reader is installed on your computer, open the software. Click on Help on the menu bar, then click on About Adobe Reader. The version number should appear following the Adobe Reader name.

Using and Saving PDF Fill-In Forms

When using PDF fill-in forms, it is recommended that you make a copy of the file after downloading and use the copy for your work. Should later you need the form again, you will have the original downloaded file to copy for second use. You should be able to save the filled in form at any point while filling it in. This enables you to save a partially-completed form and return later to continue. Upon reopening a filled-in form, previous entries can be revised.

Saving PDF fill-in forms often insures that your work is not lost.

Printing PDF Forms

To print NSAC PDF documents in their original image size, it usually is necessary to reset your Adobe Reader printer settings. To do this, open a PDF document and click Print. When the Print window opens and before clicking OK, look in the section on the left under Page Handling for the Page Scaling setting. This should be changed or set to None. Then continue to print the file. Normally, this setting then should be retained although it is good to check it occasionally. Without scaling, type in documents is printed in its original size.