If There Is No Hell How Are the Evil Punished?

Remember, evil comes from ignorance. Hence we do not believe in punishment, but we know that all actions have a direct result. Thus, acts which injure others react on the doer; sometimes physically, but always spiritually, placing him yet lower in the scale of spiritual development, and retarding his progress and development in Spirit Life. Injurious acts must then be offset by generous, helpful and self-sacrificing deeds and thoughts, which, in turn, exert an uplifting and beneficial effect on the spiritual status and condition of the individual.

Have They Any Special Place of Abode?

They are subject to certain natural laws which regulate the life of each; as the spirit. Advances in purity and knowledge, its sphere of action widens. The World of Spirit permeates the entire universe—as real and tangible to those who have passed into it as this life and world are to us.

Do These Spirits Come from a Heaven, a Purgatory or a Hell?

We do not believe in such places. Communicating spirits have merely graduated from this form of life into another. That life can be heaven or hell-like, just as each spirit chooses to make it; the same applies to our life here on earth.

In What Form Do Such Influences Come?

In the form of impressions, transferred directly to your soul consciousness. You may not receive them without some training; yet, on the other hand, many people get them continually, but fail to credit them to the true source.

Can These Spirits Influence Us Consciously?

Yes, if you desire it. No person, spirit or mortal, can influence by telepathy either for good or ill, anyone who does not in some way invite or permit such influence. You can receive great help from your spirit friends if you ask for it and open your mind to receive it.