Will Your Teachings Affect Our Political and Social Life?

They will inevitably revolutionize it and purify it for the reasons just given in the several preceding paragraphs. But we aim to build up—not to tear down. Under our philosophy, by the sure, mental and spiritual growth, development out of improper political and social conditions will be gradually righted requiring no campaign of destruction first.

Will Not Such Teachings Encourage Selfishness and Crime?

Exactly the opposite. When you know, beyond possible doubt, that you cannot escape by “death” from the consequences of your acts, but must surely face them in a short time, you will feel much more disposed to avoid deeds that will injure yourself as well as others

Then You Do Not Believe in “Vicarious Atonement”?

NO. Each must work out their own salvation; each has an equal opportunity to do this when they shall have atoned for the wrongs and overcome the temptations and allurements to the sense gratifications of earth life.

Then Even Criminals Can Progress?

Yes. Even the most degraded personality can in time attain to the greatest heights. It is easier, however, to begin progression in earth life.