The Spotlight is a magazine for children of all ages produced by the National Spiritualist Association of Churches. The editor, the Reverend Cosie L. Allen, NST, maintains a continued emphasis on the progression of Spiritualism through teaching our children.

Articles range from the Philosophy of Spiritualism to the Religion, as well as Scientific advancements being made. It brings to light the importance of personal responsibility and following the Laws of Nature, which are an essential part of Spiritualism.

The magazine gives children and adults alike the opportunity to understand a way of life, in a simple and easy to read way. Cosie understands that life cannot be all work and learning and therefore adds puzzles, pictures to color and entertaining articles like the calendar of what things were like in the past.

Published 10 times a year, the magazine can be a wonderful addition to your child’s library. This is an educational teaching tool and a way for you and your children to learn about Spiritualism and a way to live that allows everyone to enjoy life.


Sample Article

The Fox Sisters
By: Tiffany Wood (age 15)

One night in 1848, Margaretta and Katie Fox heard rapping on their walls. The rapping kept coming back for several days. The whole family was kept awake and were very tired. Finally, on March 31, 1848, the Mother (Margaret) of the Fox sisters, Katie and Margaretta, made up a code for the raps. Each rap stood for a letter of the alphabet.

The Spirit kept rapping and spelled out his name. The Spirit’s name was Charles B. Rosna. Charles also rapped out to them that he had been killed in the house, had been robbed and buried in the cellar of their home. Later on, his bones were found in the cellar.

The Fox sisters were attacked by religious fanatics for their communicating with Spirit and were besieged at times by angry mobs. Those in Spirit said that they would protect the sisters if they told people the truth, that those who had died lived on and could communicate.

March 31, 1848 became what we know as the Birth date of the Religion of Modern American Spiritualism. The rappings proved that there was a real “live” person in Spirit that was talking to those who were left on earth. God had provided us with a very natural way of talking to those people we love who have gone to Spirit. Spiritualist Churches throughout the world still give this same proof, that life continues, in their church services through evidential messages given by Mediums.

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