Rev. Lelia Cutler, NST, Memorial Spiritualist Church, Norfolk, VA

We know God as Infinite Intelligence, the creative energy of the universe.  With this creative force, there is no limit to the possibilities that can be manifested through desire, visualization, thoughts, and our actions.  Since I like acronyms, the following are some of the possibilities available through interaction with our own God spark and our connection to the Infinite.

P – Prayerful Life
O – Obvious growth
S – Sincerity
S – Self-Responsibility
I – Ingenuity
B – Being Strong
I – Intelligent Usage
L – Loving Relationships
I – Inquiring Mind
T – Total Awareness
I – Ideology
E – Enduring
S – Spiritual Growth

When we have a connection with God through meditation or through knowingness, we have a prayerful life because we are constantly in touch with our source.  We are not pleading with God, we know that  we manifest our needs and our desires by the Law of attraction and the law of compensation.  We work with natural law to create.  There is no need to be in want at any time when we have this connection to God.

This knowing that God is a part of our life generates growth in our lives.  It becomes obvious to others around us, and they want to know what we have that they do not.  They start to watch and emulate.  This brings about greater growth through the relationships we create in life.  The possibility of growth is a great potential when we practice what we believe.

In this part of life, we need to be sincere in our desire to be more at one with God, and to be more spiritual in our outlook on life.  Sincerity is a product of the connection to God, but it is also a trait that we should cultivate, for it is a part of our self responsibility.  We repeat our 7th principle “We affirm the moral responsibility of individuals and that we make our own happiness or unhappiness as we obey or disobey nature’s physical and spiritual laws.”  We cannot depend on anyone else to atone for any of our actions, thoughts, or deeds.  For that reason, we are different from religions that depend on a savior to help the individual to achieve a heaven.    Sometimes, we must use our ingenuity to achieve self responsibility.  We can find ourselves in challenging situations, and we have to ask what is for the greater good of those involved.  It may take some ingenuity to come up with an answer.   When we find an answer, then we must be strong and carry through.  It may not always be comfortable, but we need to listen to our spirit helpers and to our inner voice.

We have been given a wonderful intelligence that we use when needed—most every day in every way.  As we show intelligent usage of our knowledge and our connection to the spiritual side of life, we become light beaers to others who may be in similar situations.   This recognition of our own abilities and intelligence can lead to more loving relationships and help us in recognizing the beauty and wisdom in others.  Use your inquiring mind to determine whether you are in a relationship that is healthy for you.  Search further if needed, and know that you are being led to what is for your greater good.  That leads to total awareness of your being, your surroundings, and your actions and reactions with others.  All of these attributes, intelligence, loving energy, an inquiring mind, and total awareness of your life, can lead to a happy, peaceful life that is God-centered.

Spiritualism is a philosophy and a way of living.  Our ideals are to be at one with our own God spark, open to communication from those on the other side, and to release all fears of life and death.  This will lead to enduring goals and ideals for a productive and successful life, progressing to a higher understanding of life and preparing for the next stage when we make the transition to spirit.  All of this is a part of our spiritual growth.  Therefore, remember:

Anything and Everything is Possible with Infinite Intelligence.