Rev. Lelia Cutler, NST, NSAC President, Memorial Spiritualist Church, Norfolk, VA

I have been a teacher all of my life—in so many ways.  When I was a child, other kids would ask:  “Teach me to…  could be bake a cake, crochet a doll dress, draw a picture, or do homework.  Teaching Spiritualism has been my joy for the last thirty-five years.  There is a list of “What Spiritualism Teaches” from the 1994 Centennial Book.   It covers basics, but they are so elementary to the new seeker on our path.

  • A spark of divinity is in all of us.
  • We have personal responsibility for our lives.
  • Death is the doorway to the Spirit World
  • We are spirit persons encased in a physical body.
  • As we live our life, we make our happiness or unhappiness both in the Earth life and the Spirit life.
  • Spirit people are conscious beings who can and do communicate with those on Earth
  • Spirit communication and healing power is demonstrated as part of our religion.

Belief in Infinite Intelligence means we believe that God is a source of creative energy, which is a part of all that exists, human, animal, plant and any other manifestation.  Therefore, this belief that God exists in everything means that we have a spark of divinity in each of us.  We are not disconnected and trying to reach a God in the form of man, but we are a part of this wonderful existence created by and permeating all.  There is a spark of divinity in all of us, and we can contact that divinity by quietness, meditation, or just asking.  It is there for us to acknowledge and use to manifest what is for our greater good in this world.

The responsibility for the use of this wonderful divine spark is all ours.  We can visualize receiving all our wants and desires, and we can accept the responsibility for whatever manifests as a result of our wants and desires.  No one can do it for us.  We forgive ourselves, we like and love ourselves, so that we may have the ability to like and love and forgive others.  What a wonderful concept.  I am in charge of my life and I can soar or I can fall, according to my own knowledge and use of my talents and abilities.  This responsibility trains us for the next stage of life—making the transition to the spirit world.  We know that there is no death and there are no dead.  The change called death is but a transition to a more beautiful and peaceful life in the spirit world.  Death is but a doorway to the Spirit World and is a natural phase of life.

We are a spirit encased in a spiritual body, which happens to be living in a clay temple, called the physical body.  We are a triune being, body, soul and spirit.  When the time comes for the transition to spirit, the soul and spirit ascend to the next plane of life, and the physical body is not needed.  It can be released and returned to mother Earth.  Knowing that there is no pain in this transition—only that from a physical point of view—releases the fear of death.  We rise from this body and feel the loving peaceful calm of the spirit world and see those who wait for us in that realm.

As we live in this world, we continually make our happiness or unhappiness by our understanding of the laws of God, Natural Law, or Universal Law.  They are all the same thing.  As we learn about these laws, we can recognize how they work in our lives.  Cause and effect, action and reaction, law of thought—all of these are working continuously.  We just need to understand how to use that knowledge to make life more enjoyable and productive.  As we improve our spiritual life here on earth, we are also improving our spiritual life for the next phase of life.   Spirit people are just conscious beings who can and do communicate with those of us on Earth.  We are preparing for that opportunity.  When we make the change to spirit, we see loved ones waiting for us.  They may look just like they did while here on Earth, or may present themselves as they most enjoy—possibly younger than the time of transition.  We must remember that our communication with these beings are with those we have known, or maybe not, but they have the same personalities that they enjoyed here.  I would not ask my machinist father to explain a legal problem I am having.  We do not become all knowing just because we pass to spirit.

Spirit communication is a primary part of our religion and is practiced regularly at our services and in our lives.  This is mediumship, and mediumship can also include healing from spirit.  However, all healing comes from Infinite Intelligence and is assisted by our spirit guides and loved ones.

When we learn these lessons, we are preparing and progressing for a more spiritual life both here and in the next plane of life.  Learn all you can for we know that the more we learn, the more we realize we do not know.