The Science of Spiritualism includes its phenomena as demonstrated by Mediumship and Healing.

Spiritualism predominantly is the ally of science.
—Professor James S. Loveland

Spiritualism defined as a science states that Spiritualism is a Science because it investigates, analyzes, and classifies facts and manifestations demonstrated from the spirit side of life.

Science of Spiritualism: History

Society for Psychical Research (SPR)

In 1882, the Society for Psychical Research (SPR) was officially founded in England. The core group was Professor Henry Sidgwick, a most influential ethical philosopher; Frederick W. H. Myers, a scholar and scientist; Edmund Gurney, psychologist and psychic researcher; Sir William Barrett, physicist and parapsychologist; and many others.

American Society of Psychical Research (ASPR)

In 1885, The American Society of Psychical Research (ASPR) was founded under the leadership of Dr. Richard Hodgson, a psychiatrist and psychical researcher. In 1889, it became a branch of the British Society of Psychical Research. At the transition of Dr. Hodgson in 1905, it was dissolved. However, it was reorganized in 1906 under the leadership of Dr. James H. Hyslop, a psychiatrist and psychical researcher, assisted by Professor William James, a psychologist and philosopher.
For 30 years, he documented studies and investigations with the noted medium, Leonora Piper.

The ASPR has operated for more than a century. It is now located in New York City. Its mission has been to explore extraordinary or as yet unexplained phenomena that have been called psychic or paranormal, and their implications for our understanding of consciousness, the universe, and the nature of existences. Many scholars have joined in the mission. ASPR’s Library and Archives is a leading repository of significant scientific investigation. The ASPR’s primary force is for advancing our understanding of the far-reaching scientific and spiritual questions raised by the mysteries of consciousness.

Additional Research

Through the years, various sums of money as well as endowments were given to universities for scientific psychical research: Harvard University, 1857; University of Pennsylvania 1883; University of Minnesota, 1892; and Stanford University, 1922.

As time went on, Spiritualism’s leaders felt that the phenomena of Spiritualism had been proven beyond the shadow of a doubt. Although demonstrations of mediumship continued to prove the continuity of life, little effort was directed toward the scientific arena of investigation. They projected their energies primarily on the Philosophy and Religion of Spiritualism.

Today, the ASPR and the SPR continue to function, along with other organizations around the world. Mediumship and Spiritualist Healing have been a part of Spiritualism’s Science.

Science of Spiritualism: NSAC

At NSAC’s Annual Convention 2011, it was voted to revive the study of Spiritualism as a Science. A committee was appointed for that purpose, thus coming in tune with the needs of the 21st century. Once again, as it did in the past, Spiritualism’s Science is ready to dispel the myths and superstitions about the Science, Philosophy, and Religion of Spiritualism. Those myths and superstitions will be replaced with the understanding of Natural Law that governs both planes of existence, the earth plane and the Spirit World.

NSAC Phenomenal Evidence Department

The Phenomenal Evidence Department is the research department of the NSAC.  It’s mission is to investigate, inform, and present information that is received as it relates to the Science, Philosophy, and Religion of continuous life.