Spiritualism is a Philosophy because it studies the Laws of Nature both on the seen and unseen sides of life and bases its conclusions upon present observed facts.

The Philosophy of Spiritualism is the inblending into the one perfect whole of all its parts; the union of its phenomena and the spirit; the meeting and merging of its body and soul.
—Cora L. V. Richmond

Spiritualism’s philosophy has as its foundation in Natural Law and its phenomena. Natural Law is the law of God (Infinite Intelligence) set into motion to govern all. It is immutable and unchangeable. It is the law the controls organic and spiritual life. Natural Law is the orderly working sequence of the Universe.

Some of the laws more frequently referred to are as follows:

  • Law of Love is the most important of all laws. It is the creative force of all life.
  • Law of Attraction is the law that states we attract to ourselves that which we are … we attract people to our lives of like nature and desire.
  • Law of Compensation is the law that metes out to us the payment for our own deeds.
  • Law of Cause and Effect is defined as every cause brings about its certain effect in both thought and action – for every action has an equal or opposite reaction (Newton’s Laws of Motion).
  • Law of Freedom gives to us a full realization of our unlimited power of choice.
  • Law of Continuity, spiritually speaking, means that there is no break between physical and spiritual law. This law does not start and end with material existence, nor does this law only apply to spiritual life; rather this law covers the entire spectrum of being to include both matter and spirit.
  • Law of Truth encompasses the knowledge and understanding of right thinking, acting, and living. This law encourages us to search for greater awareness. As a result, we strive to know the truth of all things. It is the law of guidance, for it helps us to tell right from wrong. The Law of Truth is closely linked to the conscience of individuals.
  • The Law of Vibration is the most potent of Natural Laws in that all life is vibration. Everything is vibration, everything is in motion. It is, in brief, spirit in motion.
  • A Spiritualist definition of the Law of Vibration is that there is a regularly occurring unit of frequency in any given thing, whether it is animate or inanimate. This rate of vibration determines its very nature. The Law of Vibration is in constant operation, bringing to each individual exactly what his or her thoughts and acts have created. Thoughts are not things but rather the power, the energy, and the force behind things, bringing things into existence. As our thoughts become loftier, more constructive, less concerned with self and more concerned about others, we raise our own vibration, become more spiritual, and vibrate at a higher plane.