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Hello my friends,

I hope this message finds you all doing as well as can be expected during this uncertain time and sheltering in place to protect yourselves and families from the corona virus.

I am contacting you with regard to a short term loan program that I have established with the approval of your Board of Trustees.  I am aware that the economic conditions of many of our churches is dire because of closing to preserve the health of their attendees and families. Accordingly, NSAC will be offering short term interest free loans to assist you with meeting pressing needs, such as utilities, rent, and so forth.

The process is as follows:  your church board (officers and trustees) would meet (by zoom or telephone) and determine what bills must be paid while the church is closed.  Each church seeking a loan would send a letter signed by the church board President, as well as the secretary or treasurer, promising to repay to the NSAC the sums advanced.  You will outline the sums needed and attach a copy of the utility bill, etc.  The letters can be scanned to me at  Once the request has been approved by me, along with the NSAC secretary and Treasurer, you will be mailed a check payable to your church.

Those NSAC churches who have long term loans with NSAC will not be penalized with any late payment fees during this crisis.  If your church has a long term loan, just send us a letter if you cannot make your monthly payment so we can make appropriate bookkeeping entries.

I pray that each of you will remain safe and well.

With many blessings, and love,

Rev.Christine Krithades, JD,NST,CH
NSAC President