Mediumship is a natural ability of every person using natural laws to communicate with the spirit side of life.

Mediumship can be both physical and mental.

Physical Mediumship

… is generally referred to as objective because it is generally affecting physical objects and can be observed by one or more of the physical senses.

Physical Mediumship includes:

  • levitation
  • overshadowing and transfiguration
  • materialization
  • raps
  • apports
  • indenpendent voice
  • trumpets
  • independent writing
  • precipitated art


Mental mediumship

… is generally referred to as subjective because it is generally affecting the mental attributes of the medium, and what is received is interpreted by the medium.

Mental Mediumship includes:

  • trance
  • prophecy
  • inspired and inspirational speaking
  • clairaudience
  • clairsentience
  • claralience
  • clairgustance
  • psychometry

Many people choose to study and cultivate the skills of mediumship to help make the world around themselves a better place.

The NSAC offers education and certifications in mediumship.