Exploring Precipitated Art

Precipitated Art is perhaps one of the rarest forms of physical mediumship. Much debated and investigated. In this illustrated lecture, Robin will introduce the mediums involved in this work, examples of the work and some of the history and the fascinating stories. This workshop will be an illustrated lecture and there will be time at the end to ask questions about the phenomena.
Robin Hodson – Robin is the President of the International Spiritualist Federation and President of Seafordspirit, an independent Spiritualist centre. He is an English Medium with over 30 years experience serving Spiritualist Churches and Centres both in his native Britain and America, Canada, Finland, Iceland, Australia, and Sweden. In addition to the church and public platform presentations of mediumship, Robin is an experienced tutor in the various forms of mediumship, his main area of interest is trance and physical mediumship, having run physical circles for over 26 years

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