The NSAC offers several certifications to allow members to offer their services in several special areas.  Coursework and exams for certifications are administered by Morris Pratt Institute, the education auxiliary for NSAC.  Individuals who have earned certifications, are listed in the Credentialed Workers Directory.

NSAC credentials are recognized world wide and NSAC Ordained Ministers are recognized as clergy with the same privileges as other faiths.

The following is a list of credentials and certifications as recognized by NSAC.  We support all members in their Spiritualism journey and encourage participating in this wonderful material as a way to enrich their lives and those around them.

CH = Commissioned Spiritualist Healer

This certifies that you can successfully conveyed healing shows other churches and societies that you are proficient in the art of healing. With advanced training, some of our healers work in hospitals.

CM = Certified Medium

This certifies that you have successfully communicated with the spirit side of life in a meaningful way and proved continuity of life.  It also shows churches and other societies that you are proficient in the art of mediumship.

LM = Licentiate Minister

A Licentiate Minister is able to start a church, a home circle and perform Pastoral duties (except for marriage ceremonies).

OM = Ordained Minister

An Ordained Minister has all of the privileges of a Licentiate Minister and a member of the clergy including performing marriage ceremonies.

NST = National Spiritualist Teacher

A National Spiritualist Teacher is proficient in the teachings of NSAC. National Spiritualist Teachers can teach Spiritualism, start a church and a home circle.