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4249: 20th Century Trance Medium/Of the Golden Gate Spiritualist Church by Lauderback $5.00
Contains a transcript of the séance held on the 100th anniversary of Modern Spiritualism where the voices of the Fox Family were heard.

4709: 30 Paths Collection by Johnson, S $40.00
30 Paths to… Meditate, Peace, Silence and Stillness a 4 book set containing 30 days of visualisation, meditation and relaxation exerrcises.

4207: 365 Days of Richer Living by Holmes & Barker $17.00
365 passages of wisdom to guide you in discovering the truth and claiming your divine inheritance.

1140: A Book of Spiritual Prayer by Jones/Starr/ Krithades $15.00
Book of spiritual prayers.

1143: A Brief History of the Fox Family and the Beginnings of Modern Spiritualism by Lauderback $8.00
The unknown story of the Fox family's two-year experience with spiritual phenomena beginning with their stay in the Hydesville cottage.

4215: A Clergy Guide to End-of-Life Issues by Jacobs $16.00
A guide to help you through the maze of clinical questions and ethical concerns. Assists clergy in improving their ministry.

4371: A Generation of Seekers by Roof $12.00
Baby Boomers search for a spiritual style.

1165: A Guide to Mediumship, and Psychical Unfoldment by Wallis $20.00
Contains 3 parts, mediumship explained, how to develop mediumship and Psychical self-culture.

4284: A Little Book of Forgiveness by Miller, D $15.00
Provoking entries that serves to facilitate the healing action of forgiving and provide solutions.

1147: A Mini Course in Healing by Merrill J $5.00
Insight and lessons on the art of healing.

1148: A Mini Course in Mediumship by Merrill J $5.00
Insight and lessons on mediumship.

4121: A Quiet Mind Companion by Dent $11.95
Book of sayings which enables you to touch in with their own wisdom.

4501: A Report of the Mysterious Noises by Fox $11.00
An account from Mr. John D. Fox on the rappings in Hydesville

4394: A Spiritual Adventure by Sigurdsson $19.99
Story of one man's spiritual journey with his mediumistic wife.

4738: A Survival Guide for Those Who Have Psychic Abilities by Rooney $18.50
Tips and Techniques for learning to use our abilities in a way to enhance your life.

4407: A Voice in the Wilderness by Silver Birch $25.00
Material selected from the archives of "Psychic News".

1117: A Way of Life by Barnes, Peggy $5.00
21 lessons received through divine revelation.

4191: A Way to Happiness by Hayward $11.95
From the fundamentals through an understanding of the profound truths conveyed in meditation.

4138: A guide to the Understanding and Practice of Spiritual Healing by Edwards, H. $30.00
Progression from initial desire to more advanced use of energies and thought influences for the healing.

1159: AJ Davis A Biography by Schoenfeld $1.00
Biography from the people who knew him from childhood.

4080: Accountable Leadership by Chaffee $27.95
A practical compendium of resources for creating and managing a sound, effective, and fair congregation.

4481: Across the Unkown by White, S $20.00
An adventure into the unexplored regions of the inner dimensions.

4281: After We Die, What Then? by Meek $18.99
Evidence of survival after death scientific mixed with the metaphysical.

4488: Afterlife an Investigation by Wilson, C $19.00
Is there life after death? Explore the answer.

4419: All the Spiritualists of the Chistian Bible/And the Scripture Directly Opposing It by Sprague $36.00
The Bible from a Spiritualist standpoint is explained.

1105: Alone with God by Barnes, Peggy $6.05
A lesson for each day of the month.

4067: Amulets & Talisman by Budge $14.95
Translations of Egyptian, Sumerian, Assyrian, Hebrew, Christian, Gnostic and Muslim amulets, talismans, and magical figures.

4218: An Anthology of Inner Silence by Jessel $14.50
365 quotes for meditation gathered from many nations and cultures.

1135: Anatomy and Physiology for the Healer by Harding $2.00
Study on Healing, knowledge of the structure and function of the physical body.

4117: Ancient Teachings for Beginners by Delong $12.95
Detailed and intense course in psychic development and spiritual growth.

4301: Another Place in Space by Namerdy $12.95
Travel from ethereality, transcending time and space as you attune into what is called the physical dimension.

4406: Anthology of Silver Birch by Silver Birch $25.00
Explainations of who is Silver Birch, and what happens after we die.

4408: Applied Ethics by Singer $19.95
Articles covering the ethics of practical topics including active and passive euthanasia, abortion, etc.

4099: Arabula; or The Divine Quest by Davis $24.55
A continuation of the Magic Staff. A collection of living gospels revised and corrected.

4002: As a Man Thinketh by Allen $3.50
This book discusses success and health through the power of thought and its effect on life.

4270: Astral Projection and the Nature of Reality by Magnus $15.95
Information on astral projection and knowing yourself and what is available to you.

4275: Astral Projection for Beginners by McCoy $15.00
Friendly guide presents step-by-step instructions for six easy and effective astral projection techniques

4452: Astral Travel for Beginners by Webster $16.50
Achieving your first astral travel experience is always the most difficult - and no single method will work for everyone. The exercises in this book are carefully graded to take you step-by-step through an actual out-of-body experience.

4267: Aura Awareness by Lindgren $12.95
Learn about auras, their significance, and how to be aware of them.

4410: Aura Energy for Health, Healing and Balance by Slate $15.95
Understanding your aura and how to utilize it.

4712: Aura Reading for Beginners by Webster, R $15.00
Develop your psychic awareness for health and success by discovering the power of your Aura.

4282: Awaken, My Soul by Merrill J $15.00
Author has found that personal spirituality can be found within your own heart and soul.

4473: Awakening: A Guide for Living with Death & Dying by White Eagle $18.00
Practical handbook for anyone caring for someone facing death.

4250: Beautiful Light from the Spirit World by Lauderback $5.00
Brief overview of Modern Spiritualism, it's scope, and some of its phenomena.

1120: Becoming a Spiritualist by Burroughs $10.00
Teachings leading to the advancement and progression of the individual. Fundamental doctrines of Spiritualism.

4383: Beyond Absense by Searl $15.00
Poems, quotations, and readings on death and remembrance.

4385: Bless This Child by Searl $14.00
Poems, quotations, and readings to celebrate birth.

4401: Book of Questions and Answers by Silver Birch $25.00
Reference with hundreds of questions which have been put to spirit guide Silver Birch over the years.

4166: Brother of the Third Degree by Garver $23.00
Description of the recent world conflict.

4066: Buckland's Book of Spirit Communication by Buckland $19.99
Expands awareness of Mediumship, as taught by the NSAC.

4428: CIG Robert's Rules by Sylvester $16.95
Complete \"Idiot's Guide\" on Robert's Rules of Order.

4435: CIG World Religion by Toropov/Buckles $18.95
Understanding World position Toropov Parliamentary Procedure.

4225: CIG to Creative Visualization by Just $16.95
A wise and engaging guide on how to lead one's life with confidence and creativity. Effective techniques and enlightening affirmations.

4024: Cassadaga Where Spirits Meet by Awtry $19.00
Cassadaga, Florida became known world-wide after the formation of The Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Association was incorporated in l894.

1124: Catechism of Spiritual Philosophy by Colville $3.00
12 lessons designed in a question and answer format, shedding light on many Spiritual topics.

4285: Cavalcade of the Spirit by Miller, P $13.00
Examines seances, psychic photography, trance mediumship and automatic writing.

4012: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life by Atkinson, W.W $9.95
Learn how to utilize the power of your mind to create your ideal life.

4436: Character Building Thought Power by Trine $10.65
What lives in your thoughts will objectify into your life.

1106: Chemistry of Thought by Barnes, Peggy $6.00
Differentiate between positive and negative thinking and how to use this power.

1155: Chips by Schneider $5.00
Affirmations to help us rise above the daily negativity in our lives and raise up the world.

4329: Choice & Change by O'Connell $46.00
Comprehensive introduction to the essentials of psychology offers an accessible balance of theory, research.

1107: Christian Bible - Its Prophets & Mediums by Barnes, Peggy $5.00
A brief to give you an understanding of mediumship as it was taught and practiced by the prophets of the Bible.

1160: Church Membership Course by Snowman $10.00
Provides a basic understanding of Spiritualism for prospective members of the church.

3100: Clairvoyance and How To Do Good by Awtry $1.25
Reprints of Andrew Jackson Davis works regarding clairvoyance and how to do good.

4714: Clairvoyance for Beginners by Chauran, A $15.00
Easy techniques to enhance your psychic visions. See true visions of your past, present and future through Clairvoyance.

4340: Cliff Notes of New Testament by Patterson $3.95
Recounts the teachings of the prophet Jesus of Nazareth.

4339: Cliff Notes of Old Testament by Patterson $3.95
 Study guides offer expert commentary on major themes, plots, characters, literary devices, and historical background.

4332: Colour Meditations by Ouseley $12.30
Instructions and exercises in developing color consciousness.

1139: Commentaries by Johnson $7.00
Five basic spiritual faculties brought through the mediumship of Florence Becker.

4446: Communion with God by Walsch $22.95
Reveals the misconceptions we hold about our world, God and ourselves.

1141: Comparative Religion by King $5.00
Compares differences in the way each religion worships.

4715: Complete Guide to Meditation by Tubali, S $28.00
Compiled under Llewellyn's publishing; a comprehensive guide to effective techniques for calming your mind and spirit.

4455: Conflict Resolution by Weeks, D $15.00
A guide to endure conflict resolutions.

4210: Congregational Trauma by Hudson $14.95
Book helps address the issues that unravel after traumatic events in order for a community of faith to recover as smoothly as possible.

3101: Contemporary Definitions of Psychic Phenomena by Awtry $4.95
Stimulates a desire to understand today's terminology in the field of psychic science and related subjects.

4443: Conversations with God 1 by Walsch $22.95
Author shares his beginnings of a sacred relationship with God.

4444: Conversations with God 2 by Walsch $19.95
About the global and political concerns.

4445: Conversations with God 3 by Walsch $22.95
Focuses on issues of cosmic size and importance.

4065: Cosmic Consciousness by Bucke $30.00
A theory of the development of the human consciousness based on the author's, and others', experiences.

4279: Cosmic Journeys by McKnight $13.95
Based on experiments from the Monroe Institute on the exploration of human consciousness.

4139: Cracking the Glass Darkly by Egby $16.95
4 major steps found on the path to higher consciousness.

4206: Creative Mind by Holmes $9.95
An effective way to harness your creativity through the use of your innate inner wisdom.

4162: Crisis & Story by Francis $11.20
Horseracing thriller in the Dick Francis tradition.

4229: Crisis Counseling with Children & Adolescents by Van Ornum, W & Mordock, J $14.95
Essential reading for anyone who cares for troubled children. An indespensable guide for teachers, ministers, and others who work with children but have little psychological training.

4144: Dead Rescue by Evans $14.00
Information on the set up and operation of rescue circles.

4292: Dealing Creatively with Death by Morgan $11.95
Manual of death education and simple burial.

4211: Death Experience by Hugenot $17.00
Near death experiences.

4114: Death and the Afterlife by Davis $15.45
8 evenings on The Summer-Land.

4722: Death, The Final Stage of Growth by Kubler-Ross $11.50
Spectrum of viewpoints on death and dying from ministers, rabbis, doctors, near death survivors, etc.

4105: Diakka and their Earthly Victims by Davis $11.75
Spiritualism in 1886

4494: Dimensions of Forgiveness by Worthington $14.95
Forgiveness from the psychological and theosophical perspectives, leads to healthier well-being.

4294: Direct Spirit Writings by Moses $14.00
Psychography: A treatise on one of the objective forms of psychic or spiritual phenomena.

3112: Do I Have To? A Treatise on Reincarnation by Merle $1.75
Questions and answers on reincarnation.

4713: Dowsing for Beginners by Webster, R $16.00
How to find water, wealth and lost objects; the complete how-to book on dowsing.

4349: Dynamic Laws of Healing by Ponder $18.95
Author shares the spiritual laws of healing and deals with causes of emotional and physical problems.

4352: Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Ponder $20.95
Author reveals universal truths for health, love, success and peace.

4375: Effective Church Planning by Schaller, L.E. $10.95
Effective problem solving techniques that can be used effectively for solving church problems.

4264: Embracing the Light by Leichtman/Japikse $14.99
Directed toward the process of integrating our spiritual qualities into our behavior, creative work and character.

1138: Encyclopedia of Biblical Spiritualism Vol 1 & 2 by Hull $18.00
The principal passages of the Old and New Testament which prove or imply a brief history of the origin of many other books.

4054: Encyclopedia of God by Briggs $15.95
Reference book offering review of the thoughts of hundreds of scholars, religious authorities, and others.

1157: Essays on Progression by Schnieder $10.00
Short stories to uplift, enlighten, and inspire. Stories for every moment needing peace and love.

4213: Ethics of World Religions by Hunt/Crotty $12.45
Compares and contrasts the ethical systems derived from the major religions of the world.

4108: Events in the Life of a Seerer by Davis $22.15
Semi-Autobiographical about AJ Davis's experiences

4359: Experiences of Judge JW Edmonds in Spirit Life by Richmond, Tappan, Cora $4.95
Trance lectures from Judge Edmonds given through Cora L.V. Tappan in 1875.

4492: Explore Your Psychic World by Worrall $14.95
Exploration through overview of the psychic aspects of life.

4720: Exploring Physical Mediumship by Kuzmeskus $16.00
A comprohensive review of physical mediumship, including psychometry, billet readings, slate writing, and much, much more.

4190: Eyes of the Spirit by Hayward $13.95
Working with a wise, loving spiritual teacher named White Eagle.

4085: Fire in the Heart by Chopra $12.00
A Spiritual guide for teens.

4475: First Steps on a Spiritual Path by White Eagle $8.50
Introduction to inner wisdom (3rd edition of Morning Light).

4192: Flowers in Your Aura by Hazard $14.95
Your aura as symbolic flowers as the first step in opening the door to communication with the spirit world.

4109: Fountain; with Jets of New Meaning by Davis $17.60
Assistance to parents and tutors in the rearing and just education of children.

4447: Friendship with God by Walsh $22.95
As the relationship with God begins to strengthen and deepen extraordinary things begin to occur.

1128: From Fire Mist to Man by Davis $2.00
How evolution is not based on materialistic systems of thought.

4180: From Science to Spirituality by Griffen $13.99
Spiritualism is a science.

4004: Fundamentals of Parliamentary Law & Procedure by American Institute of Parliamentarians $29.98
Study book on basic parliamentary procedure.

1108: Fundamentals of Spiritualism by Barnes, Peggy $6.00
15 lessons covering the religion of Spiritualism.

4480: Further Steps on a Spiritual Path by White Eagle $9.95
Wisdom from White Eagle

4483: Gateway to Understanding by Wickland $22.95
Gives reports of actual seances; sequel to Thirty Years Among the Dead.

4165: Geraldine Cummins: An Appreciation by Fryer $13.50
Biography and study of the work of Cummins.

4057: Ghostland by Britten $21.55
Spiritual mysteries and experiences; magnetic influences, spirit, mediums, etc.

4290: Glimpses of Eternity (hardcover) by Moody $19.99
Investigates extraordinary accounts of healthy people who have had their own inexplicable experiences at the bedside of the dying. Hardcover

4291: Glimpses of Eternity (softcover) by Moody $16.99
Investigates extraordinary accounts of healthy people who have had their own inexplicable experiences at the bedside of the dying. Softcover

4228: God Made Easy by Karst $6.95
Uplifting and lighthearted book that brings us back to reality.

4491: God This is a Good Book by Work $16.50
Authors experience and conversations with his highest consciousness.

4223: God's World by Jones $17.50
Treatise on Spiritualism from transcripts from the séance room of the William T. Stead Memorial Center.

4163: Golden Bough by Frazer $17.00
A Study in Comparative Religion is a wide-ranging, comparative study of mythology and religion.

4195: Gospel Fictions by Helms $16.95
Investigation into the four canonical gospels is thorough, painstaking, and well documented.

4331: Gospel of the Holy Twelve by Ouseley $23.60
Known as The Gospel of the Perfect Life.

4101: Great Harmonia Series: Volume 2: The Teacher by Davis $37.00
An explanation of how virtues, marriage, and society are interrelated and focus on spiritual progress.

4397: Guidance from Silver Birch by Silver Birch $25.00
Learn about the eternal possessions of spirit and their treasures.

4115: Harbinger of Health by Davis $26.15
Philosophy of disease medical value of clairvoyance, self healing.

4129: Hard Choices for Loving People by Dunn $6.00
A supportive guide for families making difficult choices concerning care and treatment for their loved ones; valuable insight for the clergy.

4116: Harmonial Philosophy by Davis $26.15
Revelations of divine being, principles of nature, mind and soul, death and the afterlife.

4187: Harper's Encyclopedia of Mystical & Paranormal Experience by Harper $22.00
Invaluable resource for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the mystery of alternative realities.

4711: Harry Edwards; the story of the great healer by Branch, R $35.00
Biography and insight of the work of Harry Edwards.

4277: Have You Lived Before? by McGarvie, I. $14.95
The possibility of reincarnation throughout history.

4277: Have You Lived Before? by Atkinson, W.W $14.95
Possibility of reincarnation throughout history.

4133: Healing Intelligence by Edwards, H. $30.00
How your inner healing powers function.

1145: Healing Prayer an Explanation by MacDonald $1.50
Learn how to utilize the spiritual healing prayer.

4350: Healing Secrets of the Ages by Ponder $22.50
Discusses how disease has a mental correspondence with one of the twelve mind powers located in the body.

4388: Healing Through Spirit Living in Love by Shepherd $12.00
Explore a series of essays about Healing, Life, Mediumship and personal Spiritual growth.

4193: Healing and Regeneration through Color and Music by Heline $9.95
Understanding music in relation to the higher consciousness and esoteric teachings of color.

4226: Hearing Beyond the Words by Justes, E $15.00
Essential listening skill - including exercises to build competency for the healing ministry.

1158: Helpful Suggestions for the Ordained Spiritualist Minister by Schoenfeld $2.00
A guide for the newly ordained minister.

4724: Here and Hereafter by Borgia $9.50
Describes many aspects of life on the other side, according to spirits.

4037: Hidden Man (Hard cover) by Beard $10.95
A unique journey to find deep within ourselves, the inner intuitive being, the hidden man.

4425: Hidden Way Across the Threshold by Street $37.00
Explanation of concealed forces, guidance of the unseen hand, etc.

4518: History of Spiritualism - Volume 1 & 2 by Doyle $25.00
Traces the beginning of Modern Spiritualism.

1100: History of the NSAC by NSAC $3.00
About the history of the NSAC and how it came to be.

4141: Holy Dirt, Sacred Earth by Egby $14.00
A dowser's guide through New Mexico. Discover Geospirals, kivas, and other holy places along the way.

4740: Houdini and Spiritualism by Solomon, S $8.50
In this compelling history, the full truth about Spiritualism is at last revealed—by none other than Sherlock Holmes himself!

4268: How to Get a Good Reading from a Psychic Medium by Lynne $7.95
Promotes common sense practices into what may be uncharted territory.

4007: How to Heal With Color by Andrews $15.50
This book shows you how to use the vibrational effects of color to heal.

4251: How to Meditate by Le Shan $10.95
Straight forward and powerful guide to programs and exercises.

4735: How to Meet & Work with Spirit Guides by Andrews $15.50
Teaches a simple and effective techniques for establishing rapport with your spirit guides

4008: How to See and Read the Aura by Andrews $13.00
Teaches you how to see the aura, and what auras reveal about a person's physical, emotional, and spiritual self.

1122: Hydesville in History by Cadwallader $5.00
History of the Fox cottage and the Fox sisters. A factual account of the birthplace of Modern Spiritualism.

4739: Hydesville: The Story of the Rochester Knockings, Which Proclaimed the Advent of Modern Spiritualism by Todd $7.00
The interesting events narrated in this book which occurred at Hydesville, in the house of the Fox Family, are those by which Modern Spiritualism made its advent into this world as a new revelation in spiritual matters. 

4031: Illusions by Bach $8.00
More adventures of a reluctant messiah.

4438: In Tune With The Infinite by Trine $6.00
Teaches the reader to enter into an inner peace and attitude of goodwill, to pray specifically and expectantly.

4061: In the Light of Healing by Brooks $12.95
Collections of sermons given by Nona L. Brooks.

1162: Index of Names & Calendar of Dates by Thurman $10.00
Aid for teacher or pastor of NSAC to facilitate the location of material on those associated with the religion of Spiritualism.

4464: Initiations of the Path of the Soul by White Eagle $10.00
Challenges of every soul on its journey towards perfection.

4132: Insights - The Healing Paths of the Radical Spiritualist by Edgby $16.95
Anecdotes, case history and development exercuses for all healers.

4358: Is Materialization True? by Richmond $13.00
Contains 2 lectures on materialization and 10 other trance lectures.

1133: Is That Really in the Bible? by Gerling $1.25
Psychic talent displayed by biblical people & spiritual prophets.

4029: Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Bach $12.95
Must read for people who know there is more to this "living" than meets the eye.

4254: Journey Through Life/Understanding Life Through Poetry by LeBlanc $18.95
LeBlanc expressed himself through poetry as he studied to become a minister.

4283: Journey, My Soul by Merrill J $12.75
A guide to Spiritual growth through spirit communication.

4044: Key to Yourself by Bloodworth $10.95
Blend of modern psychology and old spiritual principles for health, success, prosperity and friendship.

4175: Kids Who See Ghosts by Goode $18.00
A look at kids who see ghosts, the parents who want ot help them, the science perceptions.

4046: Kinship with all Life by Boone $17.95
Real life experiences showing how animals communicate with each other and people.

1109: Laws of Spirit Mediumship by Barnes, Peggy $6.00
100 questions and answers on the laws governing Mediumship.

4060: Learning & Teaching Christian Meditation by Brooke $6.95
Book studies the popular eighteenth-century genre of the epistolary narrative through readings of four works.

4347: Lessons Out of the Body by Peterson $13.95
Debunks misunderstandings and superstitions concerning out of body experiences.

4361: Lessons from the Light by Ring $16.95
Author presents near death experiences to remove the fear of death.

4242: Lets Talk by Koop/Johnson $12.95
Candid conversation about abortion, AIDS, health care.

4034: Letters From the Afterlife by Barker $14.95
Written through the hand of Elsa Barker. Letters that present an "astral travelogue".

4161: Life After Death by Fox $5.00
Description of the death process and what to expect in the next realm of life.

4710: Life Around My Father Harry Edwards by Medland, FJ $25.00
Felicity Joan Medland is an accomplished artist and the eldest daughter of Harry Edwards.

4345: Life and She by Peterson $3.00
Gives entertainment, instruction, assurance tranquility and inspiration on dying.

4136: Life in Spirit by Edwards, H. $26.00
Edwards contemplation of what the spirit world might be like.

4053: Light Emerging by Brennan $30.00
Shows how we can be empowered as both patients and healers to understand and work with our most fundamental healing power.

4016: Light From Beyond the Tomb - Spiritualism Survived by Awtry $14.95
The unfortunate life of the Fox Sisters and the 1888 death-blow attack on Spiritualism.

4395: Light from Silver Birch by Silver Birch $25.00
Aims to provide answers to questions through the wisdom of the spirit guide Silver Birch

4130: Light in the Shadow by Dunn $6.00
Uplifting meditations for those living with life threatening illness; restores hope, gratitude, and a connection to all things eternal.

4221: Light of all Life by Johnson $16.00
Author's years of experience on his thinking that bridged both science & philosophy.

4424: Light, Colors, Tones and Nature's Finer Forces by Stevens $24.00
Basic and active principal functions of electrons, magnetron lights.

4274: Lighting Your Spirit Passion by Perkins $14.95
Inspirational essays to inspire a quickening of the soul.

4479: Little Book of Comfort for the Bereaved by White Eagle $10.00
Comforting passages of White Eagle's teachings.

4476: Little Book of Healing Comfort by White Eagle $10.00
Assistance in bringing comfort in times of healing crisis.

4520: Little Book of Silver Birch - Wisdom for Healing by Silver Birch $17.00
Guidance for healers, awakening the soul through healing, the reasons for sickness and suffering, and the process of absent healing. 

4038: Living On (Hard cover) by Beard $10.95
An account of this uncharted experience we call death.

4474: Living With Love by White Eagle $8.50
Seeking that golden light of the sun within.

4020: Living in the Light/A Guide to Spiritualism's Philosophy by Awtry $17.95
Essential guidelines for the understanding of life, death and the hereafter.

4368: Living with Joy by Roman $12.95
Keys to personal power & Spiritual transformation.

1110: Lo, I am With you Alway by Barnes, Peggy $5.00
A Treatise on Physical Mediumship.

4069: Love by Buscalgia $12.95
Love is learned and everyone can learn how to love.

4036: Love and Progress by Batton $16.95
Spiritualism teaches that our life on earth is simply a kindergarten in the life of the soul.

1010: Lyceum Manual by NSAC $15.00
Manual for all age groups giving suggestions, materials for lyceum classes.

4342: Mankind's Latent Power by Payne $24.48
Teaches you how to unfold your gifts of mediumship.

1132: Marketing Your Church by Edgby $5.00
Outline of various ways to raise church visibility and how to bring in new members.

4367: Martha's Syndrome by Rolnick $11.99
By studying Martha’s Syndrome, you can find your place in the Bible narrative.

4448: Masked Gods by Waters $10.95
Challenging and profoundly original account of the history, legends, and ceremonialism of the Navaho and Pueblo Indians of the Southwest.

4063: Mastering Astral Projection by Bruce/Mercer $26.99
A 90 day program, in workbook style format, designed to help you achieve repeatable, conscious, out-of-body experiences. Includes CD.

4051: Materialized Apparitions by Brackett $12.80
Experiments, investigations and records in materialization and ethericalization.

4337: May You Always Have an Angel by Pagels $10.95
A collection of meditations by the author combined with the creative works of other inspired philosophers that bring together a collection of angel quotes that will leave you with joy and serenity.

4089: Meditation by Cook $14.95
Methods of meditation and spiritual unfoldment.

4716: Meditations for Psychic Development by Parkinson, C $17.00
Practical exercises to awaken your sixth sense and unlock your natural gifts.

4050: Meditations to Empower your Soul by Bostwick $12.95
Reflective and uplifting essays teach a simple system of balancing energies of the mind/personality with the energies of the soul.

1121: Meditations, Reflections and Spiritual Philosophy by Burroughs $2.50
A book of meditations.

4241: Medium by Konstanza Morning Star $16.00
A step-by-step guide to communicating with the spirit world.

1164: Mediumship Explained by Wallis $15.00
Mediumship; description, the effects, phenomena, benefits, difficulties, and phases. Biblical examples.

1163: Mediumship and its Laws Its Conditions and Cultivation by Tuttle $27.00
Tuttle explains mediumship and the Natural Laws involved. Answers many questions

1142: Mediumship and its Phases by King $7.00
Description of all phases of physical and mental mediumship.

4137: Mediumship of J Weber by Edwards, H. $28.00
Insight and full-page art plates illustrating the physical phenomena of Jack Weber's mediumship.

4110: Memoranda of Persons, Places and Events by Davis $22.40
Authentic facts, visions, impressions and discoveries in magnetism and clairvoyance.

1119: Message Gems by Becker $2.00
Sayings of encouragement for meditation.

4186: Modern American Spiritualism by Britten $43.95
Chronicles of the first twenty years of Modern Spiritualism.

1168: Modern Psychic Phenomena Vol 1 by Wilson, P $5.00
Explanations from a Spiritualist's point of view of over 20 terms and conditions associated with Modern Spiritualism.

1169: Modern Psychic Phenomena Vol 2 by Wilson, P $10.00
Explanation of all phases of spiritual and physical mediumship.

1170: Modern Psychic Phenomena Vol 3 by Wilson, P $3.00
Life and death of the physical body.

4399: More Philosophy of Silver Birch by Silver Birch $25.00
We are privileged to live in the sunlight of knowledge.

4502: My Experiences While Out of Body by Richmond, Cora $7.00
Writings from Cora on her experiences while astral traveling.

4230: My Path to Spirit Communication by Kent $20.00
Life stories and interviews with mediums and ordained ministers.

1011: NSAC Bylaws by NSAC $12.00
Spiral bound hard copy of the current NSAC Bylaws

4286: Natural Abundance by Miller, R $14.00
Author uncovers the truth in Emerson's work.

3113: Natural Law by Otzelberger $15.00
10 lesson course about putting Natural Law into your life.

1103: Natural Law by Barnes, Dr. Victoria $6.00
Presentation of two branches of Natural Law which have a direct bearing on the unfoldment of mediumship.

3102: Natural Law Governs by Awtry $7.95
The study of natural laws of the universe. Includes study book & workbook.

4219: Nurslings of Immortality by Johnson $25.00
Author's thought that has contributed to our understanding of mankind's spiritual nature.

4245: On Life after Death by Kubler-Ross $16.95
Author's years of experiences working with the dying and her in-depth feelings on the subject.

4477: On Living in Harmony with the Spirit by White Eagle $14.50
How to seek to work in harmony with the spiritual laws of life.

4153: On the Edge of the Etheric by Findlay $18.95
Based upon the mediumship of John Sloan. His explanation of what awaits after the physical death.

4351: Open your Mind to Receive by Ponder $12.95
Real-life case histories on the laws of abundance.

3103: Origin of Modern Spiritualism by Awtry $2.75
Reprint statements of witnesses to the rappings at Hydesville.

3109: Origin of Religion by Elliott $10.00
Happenings and conditions of several principle religions.

4181: Our Declaration of Principles by Grimshaw $2.25
Discussion of the Declaration of Principles of Modern Spiritualism.

4081: Our Life After Death by Chambers $17.95
A reproduction of the original artifact and considered by scholars to be culturally significant and containing information that is the base of civilization as we know it.

4346: Out of Body Experience by Peterson $13.95
Provides an understanding of out of body experiences.

4119: Out of Body Exploring A Beginners Approach by Dennett $13.95
Explanation of Astral travel.

4237: Pastoral Care to the Aged by Kirkwood $8.00
Provides the reader with a overview of the aging process including dementia and the emotional and spiritual needs of the elderly.

4178: Pastoral Record by Greene $45.00
Record book for permanent record used by pastors and ministers.

4022: Path of Light Volume 1 by Awtry $18.95
Overview from forerunners of the Spiritualist movement, Fox Family events, progress leading to the culmination of organized Spiritualism.

4023: Path of Light Volume 2 by Awtry $18.95
Spiritualism of the 21st century brings you experiences of a free-thought science, philosophy and religion.

4336: Paths to Mediumship by Owens $15.95
Fifteen professional mediums share their personal stories about their childhoods and adult experiences with the spirit world.

1130: Penetralia by Davis $1.50

1131: Penetralia: Answers to Important Questions (hard cover) by Davis $30.00
Davis's reply to such questions as have appeared most important to mankind.

4354: Perennial Psychology of the Bhagauad Gita by Rama $14.95
The Bhagavad Gita is one of the most influential spiritual texts of ancient India.

4070: Personhood by Buscalgia $12.95
Discovery of self is a universal quest and a state of being.

4328: Phenomena of Materialization by Notzing $31.00
Offers a contribution to the investigation of mediumistic teleplastics. Includes 225 illustrations.

1161: Philosophy & Unfoldment Course by Snowman $20.00
Contains 30 lessons for use in church classes.

4403: Philosophy of Silver Birch by Silver Birch $25.00
Man can uplift himself, sever from the shackles that bind him to earth.

4507: Physical Mediumship by Bias $28.00
Understanding into physical mediumship development

1127: Pioneers of Modern Spiritualism 5 by Cutlip $10.00
A compiling of the 5 volumes by Audra Cutlip.

4333: Please God Why? Ego and Spirit - The Conflict by Owen $22.00
About mysticism, meditation, the power of spirit, mediums and the holistic approach to life.

4449: Practical English Handbook by Watkins / Dillingham $18.70
Concise explanations, abundant examples and models, ample practice opportunity, and help with all stages of the writing process.

4409: Practical Ethics by Singer $11.95
Questions discussed in this book concern our daily lives. Is it ethical to buy luxuries when others do not have enough to eat?

4120: Practical Guide to Astral Projection by Denning & Phillip $9.95
Step by step approach to freeing yourself from the restrictive bonds of the material world.

4458: Practicing Peace (New Edition of The Gentle Brother) by White Eagle $10.00
Gentle but unlifting words for everyday guidance.

4298: Precipitated Spirit Paintings by Nagy $19.95
Comprehensive book on the phenomena and precipitated spirit art.

1118: Preface to Spiritualism by Barwise $3.00
Explanation of the Science, Philosophy and Religion of Spiritualism.

4147: Prescription for a Quality Relationship by Fay $9.95
Identifies 54 relationship traps that couples commonly fall into.

1153: Presentation of Spiritualism by Richmond $1.50
Guides of Cora L.V. Richmond define Spiritualism from the spirit world.

4348: Private Dowding by Pole $10.60
Personal story of a soldier killed in battle.

4001: Proof of Heaven by Alexander $16.00
Neurosurgeon's journey into the afterlife.

1111: Prophets, Seers and Religions by Barnes, Peggy $5.00
Book on prophets, seers and the religion of Spiritualism.

1112: Psychic Facts by Barnes, Peggy $5.00
15 lessons on laws governing mental and physical phenomena.

4506: Psychic Protection for Beginners by Webster, R $10.00
understanding and the importance of psychic protection

4357: Psychopathy or Spirit healing by Richmond, Cora $16.00
A series of lessons on the relations of the spirit to its own organism and the interrelation of human beings with reference to health, disease and healing.

1009: Public Speaking and Platform Decorum by NSAC $4.00
Guide to presenting Spiritualism professionally, dignified, and in a solemn manner when serving.

4466: Quiet Mind (Hard Cover) by White Eagle $10.00
Collection of spiritual sayings that gives guidance on bringing harmony into one's life.

4451: Reflections on Grief and Spiritual Growth by Weaver / Stone $7.00
A compilation of 18 reflections by Protestant and Catholic writers who reflect on their experiences with grief and loss as a part of their faith journey.

4208: Religions of the World by Hopfe $33.00
Discover the historical importance of religion in the world's cultures.

1006: Religious Service Manual by NSAC $30.00
How to run an NSAC Service; includes numerous service samples.

4289: Reunions by Moody $6.99
Case histories and Moody's observations on proof of life after death.

4017: River of Life: How to Live in the Flow by Awtry $19.99
Identifies 76 of the Spiritual Laws and a brief on Physical Laws.

4143: Roads to Eternity by Estep $16.95
Different ways we can communicate with Spirit using EVP, Electronic Voice Phenomena.

4148: Rock of Truth by Findlay $22.00
The Continuation of "On the Edge of Etheric".

1134: Saul into Paul by Gerling $1.25
Psychic entries in Paul's scriptural Journal.

4330: Saying Goodbye by Okum $20.00
How families can find renewal through loss.

4077: Science and the Near Death Experience by Carter $19.00
Details the history, physics, and observed phenomena that will forever change how we look at the human brain.

4418: Science of Magnetic Healing by Sprague $14.95
How to heal by laying on of hands.

4276: Seances in Washington by Maynard, Edited by McGarvie $19.95
Abraham Lincoln & Spiritualism during the Civil War

4478: Seeking Serenity by White Eagle $8.50
Essential simplicity of life and finding freedom from fear.

1114: Self Realization by Barnes, Peggy $4.00
15 lessons covering self and mind.

1167: Sermonettes by Whitwell $2.00
Interpretation of Spiritualism as a Science, Philosophy and Religion.

4158: Sharing my Secrets about the Angels in My Life by Foster $19.95
She tells of her inspirational journey of spiritual growth.

4396: Silver Birch Companion by Silver Birch $20.50
Teachings from Silver Birch including death, power of spirit, spirit life, how the soul must grow.

4485: Sixth Sense by Wilde $13.95
Instructional manual to help you become more aware of your subtle body.

4299: Slate Writing by Nagy $16.00
Comprehensive boon on Slate Writing, including its history

4145: So You Want To Be A Medium? by Eynden $14.95
Introduction to the spirit world with progressive approach to woking with spirit.

4416: Sociology, Cultural Diversity in a Changing World by Soroka $55.00
Provides a broad, multicultural, historical framework for making better sense of the world, as well as an appreciation of the role of sociology in promoting an intelligent world view.

4365: Soul Traveler by Rogers $17.95
Journey to the heart of ourselves - our soul.

4717: Sound Healing for Beginners by Goldman, J $18.00
Using vibration to harmonize your health and wellness; activate the power of sound with this easy-to-use guide.

4243: Speak With the Dead by Kostantinos $14.95
Author's simple instructions show you how to use ordinary electronic devices to make contact with spirit world.

4269: Spirit Faces-Truth about the Afterlife by Macy $24.95
Author shares his 15 years of research with Instrumental transcommunication (ITC).

4135: Spirit Healing by Edwards, H. $27.00
Edwards contemplation on spirit healing.

4386: Spirit Orb Phenomena by Sercombe $39.00
Explanations and a guide to learning about orbs.

4718: Spirit Rescue, Clear Negative Energy… by Erwin, K $18.00
Discover your power to save lost spirits by helping them to crossover.

1150: Spirit Teachings by Moses $25.00
The religious, philosophical and ethical implications of Spiritualism, as viewed by the spirit world.

4370: Spiritual Growth by Roman $12.95
Answers on what is spiritual growth.

4168: Spiritual Revolution by Goddart $12.95
Distillation of the entire teachings of Saints and God-realized masters from all traditions into 52 principles.

4508: Spiritual Spheres by Richmond, Cora $12.00
Four lectures delivered in Trance by Cora Richmond on Spiritual Spheres

4459: Spiritual Unfoldment Vol 1 by White Eagle $12.50
How humanity can contact higher spiritual realms.

4460: Spiritual Unfoldment Vol 2 by White Eagle $12.50
Reveals the hidden life within the nature kingdom.

4461: Spiritual Unfoldment Vol 3 by White Eagle $12.50
Open the way to practical spiritual service.

4462: Spiritual Unfoldment Vol 4 by White Eagle $12.50
Introduces the path of unfoldment through meditation and service.

4018: Spiritualism & the Bible Connection by Awtry $13.95
This book clarifies the facts about Modern American Spiritualism and the Holy Bible.

4019: Spiritualism On The Move A Reality Check for the New Century by Awtry $22.00
Historical events of the Spiritualism movement from its inception.

1008: Spiritualism Pathway of Light by NSAC $1.50
Introduction to the National Spiritualist Association of Churches, and the religion of Spiritualism.

1151: Spiritualism Q & A by Myers $4.00
Questions and answers for those seeking to understand the three aspects of Spiritualism.

1154: Spiritualism and Mediumship Studies by Scher $20.00
Comprehensive book on mediumship.

1126: Spiritualism as prepared by the Rev. Lelia Cutler by Cutler $3.00
For the Jeffers Report 8-2008

4075: Spiritualism in Antebellum America by Carroll $50.35
In this study, Spiritualism emerges as a reflection of and a reaction to many currents in antebellum American.

4188: Spiritualism, A Way of Life by Harris $15.00
Collections of writings that portrays an enjoyable way to life.

1001: Spiritualist Hymnal by NSAC $17.00
Spiritual Hymns

1002: Spiritualist Manual by NSAC $25.00
20th Edition of the NSAC Manual

3104: Spiritualist's View of the Bible by Awtry $8.00
Gain knowledge about Spiritualism and the Bible. This includes a study workbook.

1152: Standard Teaching of Spiritualism by Pebbles $10.00
True philosophy of life, relating to both seen and unseen sides.

4417: Study Guide Plus, Sociology by Soroka $27.00
Study guide for Sociology, Cultural Diversity in a Changing World.

4025: Sunflower Series #1 Spirit Photography by Awtry $4.95
Learn about spirit photography.

4026: Sunflower Series #2 The Home Circle by Awtry $3.50
Learn about starting a home circle.

4027: Sunflower Series #3 Table Tipping by Awtry $4.95
Learn about and how to table tip.

4028: Sunflower Series #4 Voice Phenomena by Awtry $4.95
Learn about trumpet and voice phenomena.

4042: Superconscious Meditation by Bharati $7.95
A guide to the art and science of mediation.

4039: Survival after Death by Beard $10.95
An impartial discussion on the evidence for and against the human survival of death.

4094: Swan on a Black Sea by Cummins $16.00
Detailed information about a group of people communicating after their death as received by Geraldine Cummins.

4510: Symbol Series of Lectures by Richmond, Cora $11.00
Lectures given by Cora on the letter "M", the cross and the trinity

4246: Séance 101 by Kuzmeskus $19.95
Explores the physical world and the spirit world and how to make contact.

4056: TNT the Power Within You by Bristol $12.00
A practical exposition on mind management and personal progress.

4441: Talking to Heaven by Van pragh $8.00
Many personal and moving stories of after death communication from a mother who hears spirit.

4456: Talking to the Dead: Kate and Maggie Fox by Weisberg $14.95
Detailed story of the Hydesville raps and the Fox sisters.

4293: The "Whys" of Spiritualism by Morse $5.00
Discussion of the phenomena of Spiritualism

4013: The ABCs of Spiritualism by Austin $4.95
100 questions most commonly asked about Spiritualism.

4413: The Afterlife Codes by Smith, S $14.95
Inspirational knowledge about life after death.

4170: The Art of Meditation by Goldsmith $12.00
Introduction to daily meditation.

4247: The Art of Mediumship by Kuzmeskus $17.50
Focuses on how to become a professional medium and gain credibility with the public.

4171: The Art of Spiritual Healing by Goldsmith $12.95
Demonstration that physical wellbeing results naturally from attaining a oneness with God.

4059: The Ascent of Man by Bronowski $29.95
Traces the development of human society through our understanding of science.

4364: The Awakening Soul by Rogers $17.95
A dialogue from the other side of life.

4427: The Bang Sisters & Their Precipitated Spirit Portraits by Swan $7.00
About the Bang sisters and their mediumistic gift of direct writing, drawing and painting.

4453: The Case Against Reincarnation by Webster, J $25.00
Rational approach to provide a guide to understanding reincarnation.

4047: The Conquering Soul by Bostwick $14.95
How to align the personality with the soul. Showcased in 25 mental games.

4222: The Decisive Testimony by Johnson $8.50
Cogent presentation of the evidence for intelligent communication from beyond the grave.

4360: The Discourse on the Immutable Decrees of God by Hatch, Cora (Richmond, Cora) $5.00
At age 17, Cora delivered a lecture on "Do the Immutable Decrees of God interfere with, or hinder, the freedom of action of man?" without a change in word.

4088: The Essential Tao by Cleary $12.00
Translation of two Chinese classics describing the essential philosophy and practice of Tao.

4174: The Experience of Insight by Goldstein $14.00
A clear, in-depth guide to beginning a Buddhist meditation practice from renowned meditation master.

4000: The Finding of The Third Eye by Alder $14.95
Summarizes ancient wisdom along with modern science; breathing, diet and color and development of the third eye.

4373: The Four Agreements by Ruiz $12.95
Based on ancient Toltec wisdom, the four agreements offers a code of conduct that can transform our lives to a new experience of freedom, happiness and love.

4374: The Four Agreements Companion Book by Ruiz $14.00
How to leave suffering behind and to master the art of living.

4378: The GOD Experiments by Schwartz $15.00
How science is discovering God in everything.

4390: The Game of Life by Shinn $8.95
Message and explanation of success principles and how they work.

4431: The God Who Would be Known by Templeton $14.95
Compilation of philosophical reading bringing science and religion into accord.

4103: The Great Harmonia Series Volume 4: The Reformer by Davis $26.15
Writtings about the 7 phases of marriage.

4437: The Greatest Thing Ever Known by Trine $8.50
Once we realize who and what we are, we then can build our world as God does.

4736: The Healer's Manual by Andrews $18.50
teaches techniques involving color, sound, fragrance, herbs and more.

1166: The Healing Hand by Weltmer $23.95
Teaching the principles of healing through suggestions, hand telepathy and healing methods.

4295: The Healing and the Mind by Moyers $25.00
A touchstone, shaping the debate over alternative medical treatments and the role of the mind in illness and recovery in a way that few books.

4073: The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Campbell $12.95
Work of comparative mythology by Joseph Campbell.

4257: The Hidden Side of Science by Leichtman $15.99
Leichtman, Tesla, Burbank, Sir Oliver Lodge & Einstein discuss the scientific process and the role science plays in the advancement of humanity.

4234: The Hospital Visit, A Pastors Guide by Kirkendoll, M $12.00
Explains the Pastor's role in six principal relationships encountered in hospital visitations.

4220: The Imprisoned Splender by Johnson $25.00
Author's views that reached beyond rationalism to direct apprehension of spiritual reality.

4253: The Inner life by Leadbeater $19.00
A compilation of theosophical talks held at the home of the Theosophical Society.

4334: The Keepsake by Owen $22.00
Story of an embittered workaholic who transforms into a spiritually aware person.

4196: The Law of Attraction (Hardcover) by Hicks $23.95
Presented in clear and practical terms through the teachings of "Abraham" -the spirit guides that work with Esther Hicks.

4498: The Law of Attraction (Softcover) by Hicks $14.95
Presented in clear and practical terms through the teachings of "Abraham" -the spirit guides that work with Esther Hicks.

4733: The Law of Psychic Phenomena: A Systematic Study of Hypnotism, Spiritism, Mental Therapeutics, Etc by Hudson $11.00
Understanding of the "objective mind" and the Subjective mind".

4730: The Law of Psychic Phenomena: A Working Hypothesis by Church $16.50
reprint of the original Thomson Jay Hudson book, An understanding of hypothesis, physical manifestations, trance and more.

4238: The Lay Pastoral Handbook by Kirkwood $17.50
A practical guide to hospital visitation.

4262: The Light of Learning by Leichtman/Japikse $13.99
Compilation of 14 lessons from the Enlightenment series on the process of learning from the perspective of spirit.

4380: The Living Energy Universe by Schwartz $16.95
Fundamental discovery that transforms science and medicine.

4185: The Magic of the Soul by Harbula $18.95
Practical and powerfully relevant for enjoying spiritually fulfilled life. Includes a CD.

4087: The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe by Clark $11.00
This book details the philosophy and teachings of metaphysician Walter Russell, as told to Glenn Clark.

4515: The Medium Who Baffled houdini by Kuzmeskus $15.50
"Houdini the Magician Stumped," proclaimed the Boston Herald in 1924. Who was this medium who baffled Houdini? None other than Margery Crandon, the wife of a prominent Boston surgeon. 

4366: The Medium Within by Rogers $17.95
Chronicles of a minister's personal quest for answers to our soul's journey after death.

4030: The Messiah's Handbook by Bach $14.95
Handbook of reminders for the advanced soul.

4721: The Missing Link in Modern Spiritualism by Underhill $17.00
Explores the concept of Spiritualism and the role it plays In modern society.

4074: The Mythic Image by Campbell $24.95
Campbell's major study of the mythology of the world's high civilizations over five millennia.

4382: The Nature of Spiritual Existence by Scott, (Richmond, Cora) $12.95
The Spiritualist has abandoned the literal "Kingdom of Heaven- its walls of brass, its streets of gold…" and declares to the theologian that those terms are symbolic and not an expression of the spiritual kingdom.

4338: The New Age Handbook on Death and Dying by Parrish/Harra $10.95
Theory of the death experience as a rebirth into a new life and how to deal with death experiences.

4372: The New Testament of Spiritualism by Ross $24.95
Collection of 166 channeled messages received through means of automatic writing by Padgett from 1914-1923.

4164: The New Testament; A Critical Introduction by Freed $41.70
Collection of channeled messages received through means of automatic writing.

4415: The Next Step with Spirit by Sommer $12.95
Extraordinary events that are happening through ordinary people's spirituality.

4093: The Phenomena of Spiritualism by Crookes $9.65
Spiritualism as viewed by modern science.

4273: The Physic Life of Abraham Lincoln by Martinez $17.00
Factful book on Lincoln's spiritual journey.

4134: The Power of Spiritual Healing by Edwards, H. $25.00
Understanding of healing powers, limitation, processes and purpose.

4106: The Present Age and Inner Life by Davis $22.40
Ancient and modern spirit mysteries classified and explained.

4112: The Principles of Nature by Davis $51.70
2 set volume, His divine revelations and voice to mankind.

4167: The Prophet by Gibran $15.00
Gibran's philosophy of the deepest impulses of man's heart & mind.

4439: The Pros and Cons of Psychic Development by Tucker $7.00
Brief presentation on the pros and cons of psychic development.

1113: The Questionnaire by Barnes, Peggy $8.00
100 questions and answers on the philosophy of Spiritualism.

4189: The Quiet Mind by Harvey $12.95
Techniques for transforming stress.

4411: The Religious Experience by Smart $36.75
Comprehensive history of religious experience explores the major world religions.

4353: The Return Journey by Pritchard $10.98
Contains different theories of the universe, infinity of God, continuity of man, etc.

4263: The Revelation of Light by Leichtman/Japikse $14.99
Focuses on the psychic world and how it affects us.

4095: The Ring of Chairs by Cyford $21.95
Tells of Spirit's efforts to guide in unfoldment while in the safety of the development circle.

4169: The Risen by Goforth $20.00
Dialogues of love, grief and survival beyond death.

4381: The Scacred Promise by Schwartz $6.00
Exploration into the world of spirit with actual evidence.

4414: The Scole Experiment by Solomon, G & J $26.00
Scientific evidence of Life after Death.

4064: The Secret Path by Brunton $6.95
The treasure-trove of the real self is within us, but it can be lifted only when the mind is still.

4402: The Seed of Truth by Silver Birch $25.00
Based on earlier Silver Birch volumes, more questions asked and answered about his wisdom.

4122: The Seeress of Prevorst by DeSalvo $14.95
DeSalvo examines the life of the Seeress of Prevost and her contribution to spiritual development nearly two centuries since her death.

4499: The Soul: In Human Embodiments by Richmond, Cora $9.95
Lessons on the Soul given by Cora through her guides

4302: The Source (Finding Your Way Home) by Namerdy $11.95
A spiritual journey traveling through eternity with several immortals to numerous planes of existence.

4472: The Source of all Strength by White Eagle $10.00
Book of inspiration

4398: The Spirit Speaks by Silver Birch $25.00
The power of spirit can't be regimented or restricted.

1171: The Spirit World, Descriptions by Early Spiritualists by Starr $12.00
Gives an informative understanding of Spiritualism, and its philosophy

4300: The Spirits of Lily Dale by Nagy $20.00
History chronicles the famous Fox sisters of Hydesville, NY and the beginning of many early Spiritualist camps and meetings.

4490: The Spiritual Universe by Wolf $17.95
Physicist's vision of spirit, soul and self.

4204: The Spirituality of Money by Morley/McGarvie $9.95
Your mistaken beliefs about money could be preventing you from living the life you deserve.

4469: The Still Voice by White Eagle $10.00
Selection of readings from White Eagle's teachings.

1115: The Story of Healing by Barnes, Peggy $5.00
15 lessons from primitive to modern methods.

3105: The Sunflower by Awtry $1.00
A brief history of the Sunflower as the symbol of Spiritualism.

4278: The Sweat Lodge is for Everyone by McGarvie, I. $19.95
A non-natives guide to understanding the Sweat Lodge ceremony.

4113: The Temple Concerning Diseases of the Brain & Nerves by Davis $26.15
Developing the origin and philosophy of mania, insanity and crime.

4160: The Ten Commandments by Fox $13.95
The master key to life.

4194: The Timetables of Science by Hellemans/Bunch $20.00
Over 10,000 entries organized chronologically and by discipline; with over 100 short essays on science, technology, and overviews of the main periods of scientific history.

4151: The Torch of Knowledge by Findlay $20.90
Story about the twentieth century and the changes that will take place.

4519: The Trumpet Shall Sound by Barbanell, M. $25.00
Conversations between spirit individuals – who gave detailed proof of their identity – and their earthly loved ones.

4146: The Unfolding Journey by Farrel $19.08
Autobiography of the working life of a medium; the necessary discipline and the struggles that go with it.

4723: The Unobstructed Universe by White $12.00
information and experiences of a spiritual medium by her husband.

4708: The Way of Absent Healing by Edwards, H. $45.00
RARE FIND in the USA! Everything you need to know about Absent Healing in Harry Edwards's own words.

4150: The Way of Life by Findlay $19.95
Guide to the etheric world giving over 400 extracts from the records of sittings with John Cambell Sloan.

4725: The World Unseen by Borgia $16.50
Descriptions of the worlds we will inhabit after our lives on earth.

4071: There is No Death and There are No Dead by Butler $18.00
Objective evidence collected from Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and Video Instrumental Trans Communication (ITC).

1146: There is No Death and There are No Dead by MacDonald $3.00
An address given by MacDonald September 19, 1944.

1102: They Paved the Way by Awtry $12.00
Facts about the forefathers of Modern Spiritualism.

4484: Thirty Years Among the Dead by Wickland $20.00
Account of how mediumship was responsible for curing obsessions.

4521: This is Spiritualism by Barbanell, M. $25.00
Contains some of the most remarkable spirit photographs ever published, this is a book of the widest appeal.

4731: Thomson Jay Hudson Collection Vol. 1: The Law of Psychic Phenomena, A Scientific Demonstration of The Future Life by Hudson $17.50
Hudson, a psychical researcher, known for his three laws of psychic phenomena. This book was written with the purpose of carrying conclusions on the future life.

4732: Thomson Jay Hudson Collection Vol. 2: The Divine Pedigree of Man, The Law of Mental Medicine, The Evolution of The Soul by Hudson $20.00
This volume includes: The Divine Pedigree of Man; The Law of Mental Medicine & The Evolution of the Soul, along with other essays

4296: Thoughts are Things by Mulford $13.30
Essays on Material Mind vs Spiritual Mind.

4172: Thunder of Silence by Goldsmith $13.95
There is an inner grace available to all which operates when we are willing to relinquish faith in anything less than God.

1116: Trinity of Spiritualism by Barnes, Peggy $6.00
16 lessons on the Science, Philosophy and Religion of Spiritualism.

4043: Trumpet Mediumship by Bias $20.00
Trumpet mediumship development

4184: Twelve World Teachers by Hall $14.95
Summary of the prophets whose inspiration led others to enlightened codes of living.

4149: Unfolding Universe by Findlay $29.99
Provides a new foundation for building Spiritualism in harmony with the latest scientific knowledge.

1173: Universal Ethical Teachings by Colville $3.25
An effort to trace some of the cardinal doctrines of universal religion.

3108: Universal Spiritualism by Colville $10.95
Discussion of Ancient and Modern Spiritualist philosophy, spirit identity and the understanding of various countries and philosophies of the world.

4400: Universe of Silver Birch by Silver Birch $25.00
Frank Newman examines the teachings of Silver Birch.

4107: Views of our Heavenly Home by Davis $22.40
Sequel to A Stellar Key to the Summer-Land.

4231: Voices of Wisdom by Kessler $33.00
Collection of culturally diverse readings introduces readers to basic philosophical questions in ethics, epistemology, and metaphysics.

3111: Was Abraham Lincoln a Spiritualist? by Maynard $9.95
Story and experiences as a medium with Lincoln.

4420: Was Jesus of Nazareth God or Man / Christ or Spirit Medium? by Sprague, EW $18.00
The question is always asked, "What do Spiritualists teach regarding Jesus of Nazareth?" This book records in detail the statements of scripture regarding his birth, life, teachings, mission to the world, and death.

4083: Way of the Wizard by Chopra $16.95
20 lessons that help the reader create a new and better life.

1149: What Do We Believe by Merrill, Jos. $1.00
Discussion of Spiritualism and reincarnation.

3110: What You've Always Wanted to Know About Spiritualism by Faubel $2.00
Spiritualism's basic foundation.

1104: What is Spiritualism? by Barnes, Dr. Victoria $3.00
Pamphlet covering the basics of Modern Spiritualism, Mediumship and Spiritual Healing.

4344: When Loved Ones Pass Away by Perlberg $9.95
The author shows that loved ones who have "passed away" are not gone. Learn how to communicate with your loved ones!

4142: When Prophets Spoke by Elliot $15.00
Serious, yet easily understood, attempt to understand the so-called miraculous and theophanic elements of the Old Testament.

4522: When Your Animal Dies by Barbanell, S. $25.00
Book that aims to offer proof of animal survival beyond the grave.

4033: When a Child Dies by Barbanell, S. $12.00
Evidence of survival from children who have made their transition.

4152: Where Two Worlds Meet by Findlay $24.95
Verbatim record of a series of 19 seances with John Cambell Sloan.

4470: White Eagle on the Great Spirit by White Eagle $13.50
Expanded version of White Eagle's Sun Men of the Americas.

4343: Who are these Spiritualists: What is Spiritualism by Pebbles $14.95
An explanation of Spiritualism and its beliefs.

1136: Why Red Indians are Spirit Guides by Harding $3.00
Overview of the great spirituality of the original Native Americans.

4434: Wisdom from World Religions/Pathways Toward Heaven on Earth by Templeton $14.95
40 weeks of lessons based on 200 laws of life.

4423: Words of Common Sense for Mind, Body, and Soul by Steindl-Rast $13.00
How acting with common sense can bring about healing.

4177: World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors by Graves $27.20
Revelations in religious history and keys for unlocking its many mysteries.

4432: Worldwide Laws of Life by Templeton $15.00
Treasury of practical morality, personal inspiration, and daily guidance is perfect for people of all persuasions.

1156: Writings of Andrew Jackson Davis by Schnieder $5.00
Extracted information from Davis's popular writings.

4392: Writings of Florence Scovel Shinn by Shinn $16.95
Contains author's 4 books on health, prosperity and happiness.

1003: Yearbook by NSAC $12.00
Listing of auxiliaries, credential workers

1101: You and a Way by Awtry $1.00
An introduction to "A Way" called Spiritualism.

1123: You are Sentenced to Life by Chesney $14.00
Presents historical facts of cave drawings, artifacts and documentation of Spirit existence.

4072: Your Immortal Self by Butler $25.00
A tool to assist you in learning mindfulness, applying it to life, and discovering your etheric nature.

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Children & Young Adults

1615: A Teenager's Guide to Understanding and Practicing Our Principles Every Day for Spiritual Growth by Kleinschmidt $3.00
Designed for teenagers: A series of lessons on the NSAC Declaration of Principles. Ages 13 - 18

1637: Adult Series 1-12 by Whitwell $1.50
12 lessons on Spiritualism geared towards adults.

4615: Annabelle & Aiden: What Happens when we die? by Becker $11.00
Aiden dreams of an afterlife after seeing a bird die. A great story on how energy lasts forever.

1612: Art Craft and Activity Book 1: Sept. - Dec. by Killmer $1.00
Activities to help motivate and aid retention in Lyceum.

1600: Aura and Color by Brown $8.00
Feelings and the effect on the aura.

1619: Character House 5-7 years of age by Way/Schneider $3.00
Lessons relating building one's own character to building a house.

4616: Everything is Energy (Including You!) by McConville $15.50
Helps children understand how to work with and selfregulate their energy system.

1618: Geology Jr & Sr Series by McLaine $2.50
Lessons on geology and theories pertaining to the beginning of earth.

1604: God in Nature Series: Lessons 1-12 (Insects) by Bunts $2.50
12 children's lyceum lessons on insects.

1605: God in Nature Series: Lessons 13-24 (sea Life) by Bunts $2.50
12 children's lyceum lessons on sea life.

1606: God in Nature Series: Lessons 25-36 (Birds) by Bunts $2.50
12 children's lyceum lessons on birds.

1607: God in Nature Series: Lessons 37-48 (Animals) by Bunts $2.50
12 children's lessons on animals.

4602: How Do I Know God Loves Me? by Dundy $6.99
A guide for children that answers questions about God and themselves.

1609: Junior Lyceum Lessons: Series 3 by Cutlip, A $2.50
Biographical and historical lessons. 12 lessons

1610: Junior Lyceum Lessons: Series 4 by Cutlip, A $2,050.00
Biographical and historical lessons. 12 lessons

4175: Kids Who See Ghosts by Goode $18.00
A look at kids who see ghosts, the parents who want ot help them, the science perceptions.

1620: Kindergarten Series 3-5 years of age by Way/Schneider $2.50
Lessons about animals and plants with pictures to color.

4631: Looking Beyond: A Teen's Guide to the Spiritual World by Van Praagh $13.00
Tools you need to uncover the power, strength, and talent to fulfill your unique destiny.

4606: Love is Everlasting (hard cover) by Jung $17.99
Coping with the loss of a loved one; this book will open the discussion.

4605: Love is Everlasting (paperback) by Jung $10.99
Coping with the loss of a loved one; this book will open the discussion.

1617: Lyceum Guide for Leaders and Teachers by Kuhlig $2.00
Guide for leaders and teachers of Spiritualist Progressive Lyceums.

1608: Lyceum Lessons: Adult Series 1-24 by Cutlip $4.00
Adult Series, 24 lessons with questions and answers.

1601: Man by Brown $7.50
Building a firm foundation for which to build our lives on.

1630: Marching Calisthenics Resource Unit by NSAC $1.00
Historical calisthenics from Andrew Jackson Davis's Children's Progressive Lyceum.

1602: Mediumship by Brown $6.00
Mediumship and unfoldment course.

1611: Mini Course for Lyceum Teachers by Killmer $3.50
Aids in the preparation of qualified Lyceum teachers.

4614: My Magical Choices by Cummings $14.00
teaching kids to choose a great day with their choices.

1603: Natural Law by Brown $7.50
Understanding what Natural Law is and how it works.

1634: New Testament mediums by Bunts $2.50
The mediums of the New Testament.

1633: Old Testament Mediums by Bunts $2.50
The mediums of the Old Testament.

4618: Pen Pal In The Sky by Hart $12.50
Serves as a gateway for parents to talk to their young children about grief and loss.

4617: Something Very Sad Happened: A Toddler's Guide to Understanding Death by Zucker $15.00
Color-coded guide for adults as they read to 2 to 3 year olds about grieving the loss.

4607: Susan's Suitcase by McEwen $14.95
A young girl learns to cope with death. Inspirational in helping grieving children.

1616: Teachers Guidelines-A Teenager's Guide to Understanding and Practicing Our Principles… by Kleinschmidt $3.00
Designed for those teaching the class.

1614: Teachers Guidelines-Using Our Principles Every Day by Kleinschmidt $5.00
Teachers guide to use with Using Our Principles Every Day.

4630: Teen Psychic: Exploring Your Intuitive Spiritual Powers by Johnson $18.50
Teaches teens to develop and use their intuitive powers.

4610: The Giving Tree by Silverstein $15.95
A moving parable for readers of all ages that offers an affecting interpretation of the gift of giving and a serene acceptance of another's capacity to love in return.

4601: The Journey of Hunter, the Red Fox by Deatrich $20.00
A wonderful story telling how a red fox overcame feelings of adversity and negativity about himself.

1613: Using Our Principles Every Day by Kleinschmidt $3.00
Designed for ages 8-12, series of lessons on NSAC Declaration of Principles.

4613: Yes, I See You by Dee $12.00
Great story for a child experiencing grief, the loss of a loved one or pet.

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CDs and DVDs

1725: 125th Evening Services by NSAC-DVD $10.00
NSAC Convention Evening Services

1707: 2010 Convention Church Services by NSAC-DVD $10.00
2010 NSAC Convention

1714: 2015 Evening Service by NSAC-DVD $10.00
2015 NSAC Convention

1731: 2018 Evening Services by NSAC-DVD $15.00
2018 NSAC Convention

1718: Best Practices/Parliamentary Procedure by NSAC-DVD $15.00
NSAC Convention Workshop

1719: Catch the Spirit by NSAC-DVD $10.00
NSAC Convention Workshop

1732: Complete Guide to Meditation - CD by Edwards, H. $20.00
Harry Edwards narrates and guides this CD.

1708: Conflict Resolution by NSAC-DVD $10.00
NSAC Convention Workshop

1700: Cosie CD by NSAC-CD $15.00
Cosie Allen CD of spiritual music

1713: Entering the Dialogue by NSAC-DVD $10.00
NSAC Convention Workshop

1715: Exploring Trance Mediumship by NSAC-DVD $10.00
NSAC Convention Workshop (out of stock)

1717: HX of Spirit Communication by NSAC-DVD $10.00
NSAC Convention Workshop

1721: History of African Americans in Spiritualism by NSAC-DVD $10.00
NSAC Convention Workshop

1709: Legal Aspects Seminar by NSAC-DVD $10.00
NSAC Convention Workshop

1730: Multiculturalism & Modern Spiritualism: Linking the worlds by NSAC-DVD $15.00
NSAC Convention workshop

1702: NSAC Hymnal CD by NSAC-CD $35.00
5 CD set of Spiritual hymns (out of stock)

1729: On Wings of Harps - CD by NSAC-CD $15.00
The subtle interweaving of two harps creates ideal vibrations.

1705: Parliamentary Law by NSAC-DVD $10.00
NSAC Convention Workshop

1710: Pastor/Minister Seminar by NSAC-DVD $10.00
NSAC Convention Workshop

1727: Practical Spiritualism Pure and Simple by NSAC-DVD $10.00
NSAC Convention Workshop

1728: Raising Vibrations - CD by NSAC-CD $15.00
NSAC Hymnal songs & Harp music

1724: Reflections: Heart to Heart by NSAC-DVD $10.00
Mavis Patilla at NSAC Convention

1722: Religion of Spiritualism in Natural Law by NSAC-DVD $10.00
NSAC Convention Workshop

1716: Saving our Churches by NSAC-DVD $10.00
NSAC Convention Workshop

1706: Saying Goodbye by NSAC-DVD $10.00
NSAC Convention Workshop

1726: Shop Talk by NSAC-DVD $10.00
Rev. James Ehrhart workshop

4072: Spirit Songs Hymnal CD by Self Song Studios $15.00
CD of Spiritual hymns

1711: Spiritual Healing Seminar by NSAC-DVD $10.00
NSAC Convention Workshop

1712: Spiritualism's Gold by NSAC-DVD $10.00
NSAC Convention Workshop

1704: The Sacred Promise by NSAC-DVD $15.00
NSAC Convention Workshop

1723: The Whole Medium by NSAC-DVD $10.00
Mavis Patilla at NSAC Convention

1720: Yes You Can - Overview to Fundraising by NSAC-DVD $10.00
NSAC Convention Workshop

1703: Your Identity Factor by NSAC-DVD $15.00
NSAC Convention Workshop

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Cards, Posters & Prints

1801: AJD Posters by NSAC $5.00

1807: AJD or Azure (Bangs Sisters Precipitated Art) by NSAC $15.00
Art 8x10 matted print

1805: Blossom by NSAC $3.00
Bangs Sisters Precipitated Art 4x6 print - not matted

1808: Church Membership Certification by NSAC $3.00
Certificate to give new NSAC members, with envelope

1809: Consecration Certificates by NSAC $3.00
with envelope

1811: Fox Sisters by NSAC $10.00
5x7 matted print

1812: Fox Sisters by NSAC $15.00
8x10 matted print

1820: Fox Sisters by NSAC $20.00
11x14 Matted print

1813: Healing Prayer Card by NSAC $2.00
Laminated for protection.

1814: Membership Cards by NSAC $3.00
25 cards in a pack

1818: Poster: Declaration of Principles by NSAC $10.00
11"x17" laminated poster with grommets for hanging.

1819: Poster: Simplified version-Declaration of Principles by NSAC $10.00
11"x17" laminated poster with grommets for hanging.

1817: Poster: Harrison D. Barrett by NSAC $3.00
8x10 poster of NSAC First President with his famous quote

1815: Wedding Certificates by NSAC $3.00
with envelope

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Trumpets, Slates & Pins

1917: Blue Sunflower Pin by NSAC $5.00
1" diameter pin with sunflowers and blue background

1901: Golden Jubilee Pins NSA by NSAC $5.00
100 Year Anniversary Pin

1911: Hydesville 175th Anniversary Pin by NSAC $5.00
Hydesville Celebration Pin

1915: Large Divining Rods by NSAC $16.00
9.5" pair of Copper and Brass rods known as Divining or Dowsing Rods

1907: Large Trumpet Band by NSAC $5.00
Illuminating band for base of 40" trumpet

1904: Large/Professional Trumpet by NSAC $75.00
40" handmade 4-piece tin trumpet

1905: Mini Trumpet Band by NSAC $2.00
Illuminating band for the top section of either trumpet

1913: Replacement Chalk by NSAC $2.00
3 pieces of colored chalk for the slate kits

1902: Slate Writing Kit by NSAC $20.00
2 slates, chalk pieces, rubber bands and instructions in a storage bag

1903: Small / Student Trumpet by NSAC $50.00
30" handmade tin 3-piece trumpet

1914: Small Divining Rods by NSAC $12.00
6" pair of Copper and Brass rods known as Divining or Dowsing Rods

1906: Small Trumpet Band by NSAC $5.00
Illuminating band for base of 30" trumpet or Middle section of the 40" trumpet

1912: Spoon Bending Kit by NSAC $5.00
Kit contains 4 spoons and instruction sheet in a giftable mesh bag.

1900: Sunflower Pin by NSAC $5.00
standard Sunflower with NSAC

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Shirts & Novelties

2018: 16 oz. Tumbler by NSAC $10.00
Black with yellow stripe & logo

2100: Bags by NSAC $2.00
Hydesville 150th Anniversary bag

2021: NSAC Keychain by NSAC $2.00
Keychain woth NSAC Logo

2102: Pen by NSAC $1.00
White, Yellow or Purple, with logo

2103: Polo shirt / black by NSAC $28.00
NSAC logo on left chest

2104: Polo shirt / gray by NSAC $28.00
NSAC logo on left chest

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